Paul Branca

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2010 - MFA in Painting, Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts, Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY

2009 - Recipient of Bard Graduate Fellowships, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY

Board Passed Summer

2006 - Studio Residency, School of Visual Arts, New York

2001 - BFA in Painting and BA in Art History, Queens College, CUNY, NY




2016 - Totes, Giorgio Galotti, Turin, Italy

2015 - 25% Cats + Studio Visits (after, after Balthus), Joan, Los Angeles, CA

2015 - Piggish, curated by Eva Scharrer, Galerie Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Germany

2014 - Paul Branca: Commedia (nut delight), Longhouse Projects, New York

2014 - Inventory Observed, MARS, Milan, Italy

2014 - Social Sausage, LOCALEDUE, Bologna, Italy

2013 - Satin Island, Scaramouche, New York

2012 - L’origine de l’espace privé &&&, Galeria Sabot, Cluj, Romania

2011 - Waitings, Scaramouche, New York

2010 - Couch Crash, Golden Parachutes, Berlin, Germany




2017 - The Socrates Annual, curated by Jess Wilcox, Socrates Sculpture Park, NY

2017 - Mrs. Pig & the Ketchup, Pierre Poumet, Bordeaux, France

2016 - Finger Food, The Hand, Brooklyn, NY

2016 - Interkontinental, Belmacz, London, UK

2016 - This Condition, Regina Rex, New York, NY

2015 - Shoulders of Champagne, Lord Ludd, Philadelphia, PA

2015 - INTRO, Giorgio Galotti, Turin, Italy

2015 - Freedom Culture, The Journal Gallery, Brooklyn

2014 - What do you write when men are puking into plastic bags, curated by Vanessa Safavi, Chert, Berlin, DE

2014 - Autonomy Exchange Archive: Paul Branca, David Horvitz and Fawn Krieger, Galerie West, Den Haag, NL

2013 - Eat the Blue, curated by Jagna Ciuchta, Le 116 Centre d’art contemporain, Montreuil,  FR

2013 - Double Life, curated by Kristen Chappa, Sculpture Center, NY (catalog)

2012 - Breaking Bread, curated by Jess Wilcox, Franklin Street Works, Stamford, CT

2012 - Last Laugh, curated by Summer Guthery, Anat Ebgi, Los Angeles, CA

2012 - L’estate, organized by Lucie Fontaine, Marianne Boesky, NY (catalog)

2012 - Gli amori difficili: Jennifer Bartlett, Alighiero Boetti, Paul Branca, Oliver Lutz, and Michelangelo Pistoletto, Scaramouche, NY

2012 - Let Us Keep Our Own Noon, curated by David Horvitz, Galerie West, The Hague, NL (catalog)

2012 - Matter Out of Place, curated by Lumi Tan, The Kitchen, NY (catalog)

2011 - Grand Tour Low Cost, organized by Paola Gallio, Spazio Morris, Milan, IT

2010 - Half a Self, A Cave-Dweller, curated by David Everitt Howe, The Former Convent at St. Cecilia's Parish, Brooklyn

2010 - A Knot for Ariadne, curated by Marc LeBlanc, Kavi Gupta Gallery, Berlin, DE

2009 - Bard Masters of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition, UBS Gallery, Red Hook, NY




2016 - Costermongering, with Belmacz, London, UK

2013 - Fruit and Vegetable Stand II, Queens, NY

2013 - Show and Tell, organized by Jenny Jaskey, The Artist’s Institute, New York, NY

2012 - Fruit and Vegetable Stand (Grisailles), Queens, NY




2013 - The Droste Affect, Scaramouche, NY

2011 - It’s Not You it’s Me: Graham Collins, Caitlin Keogh, and Boru O’Brien O’Connell, Soloway, Brooklyn, NY

2010 - Clairvoyance: Boris Achour and Ana Cardoso, Soloway, Brooklyn, NY





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2014 - Oude trucs, beproefde methoden, Metropolis M, review, May

2014 - An Exhibition of Personal Archives Descends upon Den Haag, Artsy Editorial, May,

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2013 - So Old It’s New: Painting in the Information Age, by David Everitt Howe, Art Papers: July/August

2013 - L’estate, Lucie Fontaine, published by Marianne Boesky, NY (catalog)

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2013 - Double Life, Sculpture Center, Long Island City, NY (catalog)

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2010 - Paul Branca, Couch Crash, Golden Parachutes, Berlin, PDF catalog, texts by Jenny Borland, Tim Pierson, and Jess Wilcox

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